PromoExpo Promotional Products

Promo Expo is a group of like thinking individual multi-line and supplier reps that share space and work together to promote the benefits of having more than 30 brands under one roof. Each rep is responsible for their own individual lines but through mutual co-operation they are able to create added value for all members of the group by cross promoting each others lines and products. A large and comprehensive showroom/boardroom helps facilitate meetings with individual distributor sales people as well as full sales teams. Distributor salespeople have been bringing their clients in for meetings about specific products or to see the vast amount of items that are available. Appointments can be made to have the individual reps present at these end-user meetings to add a “Factory Expert” component to the day. The large sample lending library ensures that many products are immediately available without the cost or time constraints of ordering them from the suppliers directly.

Promo Expo is located at 422 North Rivermede Rd, Unit #14 in Concord, Ontario.

For more information about Promo Expo or any of the lines that are represented please ask your distributor for a personal visit.

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